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large product photo   Top Grade Aluminum Beach Cabana.

A different experience for beachside enjoyment. This structure provides great coverage, air of privacy and intimacy, considering all comfort and aesthetic needs.
Made with heavy duty aluminum and engineered for rough usage. This structure is made to provide the perfect fusion between indoors intimacy and beachside enjoyment.


  • Pockets
  • Size: Double and king size.
  • Sunbrella Fabric: Blocks 95% of UV rays. 100%
    solution dyed for awesome resistance against sunlight,
    mildew, rot and atmospheric chemicals.
  • EasyClean Fabric Finish: Makes clean up efficient
    and cost effective.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: No unpleasant and unsafe
    rusty screws compromise our structural stability and looks.
  • Solid Ribs: Made with aluminum. Carefully tested,
    and unbreakable without welding, they provide the
    maximum possible resistance.
  • Ergonomic Space Consideration: Spacious interiors
    provide well beyond the usual minimum space for user
    movement, providing great comfort.
  • Sand Anchors: Solidly burrowed into the sand, for an
    almost unmovable structure.
  • Easy Deploy System.
  • Side Tensors: Provides a secure deployment
    that prevents the structure from closing, even
    against strong winds.
  • We also make custom sizes and shapes to fulfill
    your specific needs.