large product photo   Top Quality Square Aluminum
Market Umbrella

The lightness of the aluminum, its stainless resistance and beautiful pearl gray or white finish, come together in an umbrella with superb structural resistance, cutting edge engineering and great design. This line is for tough use and abuse, made very practical because of the low weight and high resistance of its construction.


  • Assist Lift-Hub: Its easy operation helps the human
    hand to deploy the umbrella.
  • Push Up Lift system: No additional gadgets for
    simple movement operation.
  • Automatic Tension Lock: A precise Hub lockdown
    creates an ultra-rigid open canopy structure.
    It helps prevent accidental closure upon deployment.
  • Pin Safeguard System: Our custom designed pin locks
    into the frame, providing increased security and support.
  • Sunbrella Fabric: Blocks 95% of UV rays.
    100% solution dyed for amazing resistance against
    sunlight, mildew, rotting and atmospheric chemicals.
  • EasyClean Fabric Finish: Makes clean up efficient
    and cost effective.
  • Anodized Pearl Finished Aluminum or White Powder
    Coated Frame:
    This fine looking finish provides
    additional protection and a very characteristic color.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware: No unpleasant and unsafe
    rusty screws compromise our structural stability and looks.
  • One Piece Center Pole: Carefully tested and
    unbreakable. Providing the maximum possible resistance.
  • We also make custom sizes and shapes to fulfill
    your specific needs.